Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The last 2 months

I need to vent, and what better place than here. After my "disappearing" message I had a nice chat with DH. He seemed to actually understand my bitterness. I wrote him a nice letter, left him some flagged pages in a marriage counseling book and then actually talked!  We were going pretty good for a bit, then the roller coaster hit! He still refuses to see any kind of counselor and quite honestly I'm not sure that I could do it.
I have started my "exit plan" just in case. I took the advice given to me and set up my own accounts that I am putting some savings into. I contacted two lawyers and have them on speed dial. I divided up everything on paper. I even came up with a semi custody agreement. I will use these things when I need to. I have not made the "full" decision to leave him. I struggle with it every day. I make lists of pros & cons, I try to play out every scenario and still I want the man I married to come back. It hurts to know that man will NEVER be back. Even though he some times shines through the crazy man I live with, HE will never be back. The new man has ruined so many of the good memories. It is hard to imagine any good memories in the future, but I have hope.

DH went to his endocrinologist and the doctor wasn't even sure of what kind of insulin my DH was on!! Are you kidding me!! I went with him and told the Dr. what he was on, and the doctor said no. However after getting a little loud with the Dr., he check his notes and found that HE changes DH's insulin two months prior. Not that it really matter because DH stop taking it anyway. The Dr asked my DH if he was trying to kill him self because he wasn't taking any of the insulin. DH promised to do better! HAHAAHHA yeah right!  His A1C was 13.8! DH told the Dr that he was checking his sugars everyday and he thought he was doing better. Sure the Dr said better than 7 years ago when your A1C was 16, but just 2 years ago you were down to a 9. THEN the Dr told me I HAD to help him take care of his sugar. I of course had to tell the Dr that i HAD to do no such thing. My DH is a grown adult and is responsible for himself. He knows he needs to check his sugar, take his pills, and take insulin. I will NOT do any of it for him. This got into a crazy argument between the three of us. I had to leave because I had had enough. This is his disease not mine!!

He actually started checking his blood sugars in the morning!! He said the he was taking the correct dose of insulin, but.... he lied. He said that he checks his sugars at work, although I'm not really sure how he does this as he brought that meter home and never brought it back to work. I (as much as i hate to) try to remind him to check it before dinner and to take insulin. This does not always work because that would mean he would have to get up and actually DO something. His sugar has been at an average of 250 fasting in the morning.  Yeah and he thinks that's good!! He just randomly takes insulin and his recent sugars have gotten as high as 498 this past week. Can you say FUN!!  But he's trying right??

I ran into a co-worker of his last night (while he was in the bathroom) and she was telling her friend that I will get into Heaven just because I am married to DH! I said (in my sarcastic voice) what are you talking about??  Keep in mind that this woman, who has worked with DH on & off for 10 years, was telling that my DH was a difficult man to deal with. WOW! I mean, I knew this, but I thought that *I* was the only special one to see his "special" side. Well I guess he's Mr. Mean at work too!!  This is the 2nd co-worker to have told me this!!

Anyway we continue to "live" together and have our stupid pity arguments. I will deal with it for a little longer so I can build up my bank. It's said to say but I hope for death almost every day (for him not me). I realize that is a terrible thing to hope for, but in my reality it would really be for the best. I feel like a terrible person for even writing that here, but I needed to get it out!

I have been keeping up with every one's blog and my heart goes out to each of you wives!


  1. Good to hear from you, although sad to hear how things are going. His A1Cs are unbelievable! And the doctor wants you to help him monitor his sugars at the same time you are chasing after 2 sets of twins? WOW. Sounds as if you are putting some things in place that you need to, and this is a smart thing to do. Take care of yourself and your kids, as it is obvious that he is not going to change.

  2. Wow!!! I am angry at his doc for even thinking you should take care of him. But I'm pissed that that doc let him walk out of the office with glucose that high. It really is not our job to get them under control. It's not even our job to know where their levels are. Idiot doctors! Good for you for making plans. Take your time. You will know.

  3. Crazy Wife
    stay strong - you are on your path to what's best for you and your kids -- whatever that is

    clearly you are starting to understand that you have choices -- it gives you the ability to make choices

    if you read my blog and my comments you know that I think most docs are idiots -- so the fact that his doc is an idiot is no surprise to me -- a disappointment? yes, a surprise? no.

    as noted above, of course you are not responsible for his testing and control. that is just absurd. He is not your adolescent child!

    good luck, let us know what's next
    keep the faith.

  4. Sorry to hear that things are getting so bad. I used to be married to a verbally abusive man (we have been divorced for nearly a quarter-century and I STILL have nightmares about him, if that gives you any clue about how bad it was) and I TOTALLY understand your wish that he would just check out of the gene pool and be out of your hair. I used to wish the same about my ex, because that would solve the problem of how to deal with him. (He is still alive, but at least he is about a thousand miles away now - huge improvement.)

    I think it is wise that you are making plans for a life on your own if it becomes intolerable with him. Does he have any idea that you have just about had it with him? What would he do without you? I know that my ex was stunned when I said I wanted out. He thought he was God's gift to the world and he couldn't believe that such an unworthy worm as myself would even consider leaving him. . .but that's another story.

    Hard to believe that the doctor considers you a one-woman care facility - especially with a patient who is so rampantly non-compliant. Don't these men understand that they are gambling with their own LIVES by not doing what they are supposed to??? Do they really think they can get away with this kind of "cheating" forever?? Un-flipping-believable!

    Hang in there and keep looking out for yourself!

  5. Just re-read your post. Was struck by the "getting into heaven" comment, as I have been told this countless times by friends of ours. Trust me, others do at least have SOME idea what you go through!



  6. It's been a long time since you posted. Please let us know how you are doing.


  7. thank you for posting, it's very emotional for me to read my thoughts written by a stranger. Are we all behind the looking glass. Sometimes I wonder if the disease is an excuse for bad behavior. Please keep posting as you can.